Aug 14, 2014


Edit: I wrote this last night and then read this article this morning which has a section that sums up pretty perfectly why I get into a reading slump.

You have heard me whine about the lack of reading I have been getting done the last few years and I have to point to two things as the cause--mobile devices and netflix.

I love my mobile devices (ipad and smartphone) and I love binge watching, but it takes a toll on my reading time.  When I am in a great book, I have no problem, I can read anywhere, anytime.  But when I am in lackluster books (and I do not mean bad books, I just mean books that haven't truly hooked me, but that I am still enjoying reading when I do pick them up), I might read for a minute or two or bypass the reading to play another game on my ipad or watch anther episode of whatever.

So, I have imposed a daily SSR on myself.  (That stands for Sustained Silent Reading).  I am going to find a half hour everyday to read, it might not be all in one stretch, but I am going to do it.  Right now I have four books started.  FOUR!  and I am not starting a new one until I get them finished.  So SSR it is!

How do you get out of your reading slump?


  1. I get in a slump after finishing off a series that I enjoyed and then finding a new one feel more challenging. I like the idea of having a daily reading goal in mind though.