Jun 6, 2013

My Thoughts: You, Maybe by Rachel Vail

3 chocolate chip cookies.

Cover Love:  Not really.  It's okay and the rose does have meaning, but I don't think it;s really eye catching.

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I adored Rachel Vail's books If We Kiss and Kiss Me Again, and contemporary romance books are favorites of mine.  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:
Josie is independent and fierce. She may flirt with boys or kiss them, but it doesn't mean anything, not even with Michael, who's more like a friend-with-benefits. So how can she explain what happens when Carson Gold goes after her? Carson Gold, the hottest senior, the one everyone secretly watches. . . .

Maybe it's the same thing that causes all the girls to stare as he walks by. Or maybe it's something between them, something just he and Josie share.

Could you resist?

It's too much, when love finds you and pulls you under. It's too much, even for Josie.
Romance?: Yes, that's what it's all about!

My Thoughts:
I just love how some authors can nail what it's like when you like a boy way more than he likes you. It twists you up inside until you aren't sure who you are anymore.  And poor Josie, she truly loses herself in her desire for Carson.  At first she is so good about it, making it fun.  But he really wants her to love him and only him and when the most beautiful, popular boy in school is pursuing you, it's really hard to not lost your head and heart!

I would like to hand this to any girl who loses herself like that.  It just broke my heart to see Josie change her hairstyle and her clothes and start shirking her duties for this guy!  But what was worse, was that Carson wanted her to!  He totally pushed her to make those changes.  He is not a good guy at all!

Josie's support group is fantastic and she will make it through this just fine, growing and learning all the way.  I can't say I feel the same for Carson since he will probably be an ass till the day he dies!

To Sum Up:  Great little romance with much to teach!

Book checked out from public library.

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