May 29, 2013

Stephen King Mini-Series

I have to say that I miss mini-series.  I grew up in the 80's and 90's when mini-series were king.  I do love how there have been shorter series in the summers lately, but even those can't be considered mini-series because they are normally 10-15 episodes long (I really liked Harper's Island a few years back).  That's not a mini-series!

Some of my favorite mini-series have been based on Stephen King books--It, The Stand (LOVED this one!), Storm of the Century.  So it should go without saying that I am really, really excited for Under the Dome.  I haven't read this book, mostly because I just haven't read many adults books over the last five years. 

The previews for this one are just dynamic! I can't wait!

Are you going to be watching Under the Dome?  Did you read the book?


  1. I plan on watching it. My favorite King movie is IT with Tim Curry as the clown. Hello nightmares.

  2. I don't normally do dramas but I admit it looks good. Will it be a show or miniseries?

    I miss miniseries.

    Have you tried Haven on SyFy?