May 17, 2013

Relaunching John Christopher

I read the best news the other day!

Simon & Schuster is going to relaunch the Tripods series by John Christopher.  So much goodness here!

The Tripods series is a series I read years and years ago, before dystopian books were "dystopian books."  They used to be referred to as a "futuristic earth type story" (at least by me, that's how I would explain dystopian books to others). 

John Christopher wrote the Tripods series, about an Earth that was inhabited by aliens, and some people who decided to fight against them.  But the best part was that this took place in the far off future.  It wasn't right after the invasion, it was years and years after the invasion.

I got into these books by reading the prequel first, When The Tripods Came.  Then I looked into the Tripods trilogy, which I wish I had read before the prequel.  No matter, it is still one of my favorite series. 

I am so excited to add them to my library's collection and to get kids interested in them all again.  I already have a list of kids I am going to have read them!

Yay for reprints!

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