Mar 21, 2013

Wonderful YA Boys: Graham Larkin

This is the next in my series of Wonderful YA Boys.  To see what criteria I use to pick my favorite YA boys see this post.

Graham Larkin is a movie star, so by all accounts he shouldn't be a wonderful YA boy.  But he is!  He didn't grow up in the acting/fame machine, he only became an actor later on, after he was already a young man.  I think this helps him stay more grounded. 

He is also willing to really, really put himself out there for Ellie.  I mean, he gets his movie to change locations to her hometown for crying out loud!  Who wouldn't want a man/boy to do that!

And he is kind.  And handsome.  And really wants to be part of Ellie's world, not demanding that she fit into his. 

There is just so much to adore about Graham Larkin!  He is truly a wonderful YA boy!


  1. Awww! Right on. I've been on a male POV kick these days.

    1. Well, it's alternating points of view, but still really good!