Mar 28, 2013

Quiet Time

If you have been around this blog for awhile you might recall that my son has Crohn's Disease.  Things have been going really well but there a small section that just won't clear up even though the medication he is on is really good and for the most part he is really healthy.  So, rather than keep trying to deal with it or wait till it is all scar tissue we are just going to take it out.

We made this decision awhile ago and by the time this comes up on my blog the surgery will almost be over.  And yes, I am nervous and anxious, etc...  But my son handles things beautifully so I shall too.  And to be honest, there is something I am looking forward to--

The last time he was in the hospital I got a lot of napping and reading done.  This time will be a smidge longer so I am looking forward to getting caught up on some reading!

I have such a list:
Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
The Menagerie by Tui & Kari Sutherland
The Magician's Tower by Shawn Thomas Odyssey
The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis

And that is just a very few.  I have a ton on my Nook to read as well!

So, if all goes well for my son and he is not in too much pain, we are going to just chill in his hospital room for five or so days!

Hope you all have a relaxing spring break as well!


  1. Oh sweetie. *hug* Sounds stressful. I hope everything goes FABULOUS. Keep us posted and thanks for the update.

  2. Wishing your son a speedy recovery and hope you all are able to rest and relax with those books.

  3. I hope everything goes well with your son's time in the hospital. I can imagine that would be very stressful.

    1. Thanks so much! It went way better than expected and he is almost back to his old self again!!