Dec 7, 2012

My Thoughts: Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey

4 peanut butter blossoms.

Cover Love:
Not really.  And there isn't a ton of romance in this book so it is kind of off from the story!

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I love the Drakes!  And while I didn't love the idea of another Solange book with no new romance I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy this one.  But this is a series that so far has not failed to disappoint so I was determined to see it through.  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:
When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange’s fight with her feral nature, a mysterious stranger, family secrets and forbidden magic put all of the Drakes in danger.

Romance?: Yes, a little between Lucy and Nicholas, but nothing new and not much of that.

My Thoughts:
I liked this one so much better than Bleeding Hearts!  The author has stepped away from the one romance for each book format (still sad that each of the brothers will not have their own book).   This one is back to Nicholas', Lucy's and Solange's points of view.  I liked Lucy a little better in this one, but she is still not my favorite character.  However, with the way this one ended I cannot wait to read the next and last book in the series.  There is much to be resolved!

There is finally a reason for why Solange is acting so crazy!

Action!  There is so much more action in this book--which is weird to say because each of the books have contained a lot of action.  I guess I feel this one finally had moving-forward action.  That's probably why she moved away from telling romance stories about each brother!  When I hit the last third of the book I seriously could not put it down.

These characters have been through so much since the first book!  I hope things end on a positive note and things can settle down for them.  They need to be able to enjoy their new romances a bit!

To Sum Up:  Great penultimate book in the series.  Makes me want to start the last one right away!

I bought this book for my school library and a copy for my personal library!

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