Sep 28, 2012

New Books Part 5

Here's one thing we do to get our books ready for the shelves.  We add the number of the book in a series to the call number.  This makes it really easy for kids to tell which book is next in the series.  
(We have to do this when the books arrive, the company that does the processing doesn't do it for us.)
I also add that to the MARC records in our online catalog so when a student looks for a series they can see what order the books go in.
sometimes if a student brings up a book that is not the first in the series and I know they haven't read the first in the series I won't let them check it out.  Harsh, I know but these books are meant to be read in ORDER!

(Of course, it's Friday afternoon.  There's a good chance I will not get any of these ready for check out today!)

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