Jul 11, 2012

Animal Books

I just don't like animal books.  I try & try.  There are a few I have enjoyed, but mostly, I just can't do it.  I really like John Claude Bemis though.  I enjoyed his Clockwork Dark books though, very interesting premise.  I was excited when I saw this book on NetGalley, though.  I mean, look at that cover!  It's gorgeous.
And I tried reading it, I really did.  It's not bad at all, but it is an animal book, through and through, and I just couldn't get into it.
However, the readers in my library LOVE animal books.  LOVE them.  So I will be buying this one for my library.
I just wish I could get into them more because I want to be able to talk to my students about them!

What about you, do you love animal books?  What one should I try reading?

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