Jun 14, 2012

Series that Sizzle: The Drake Chronicles

I adore the Drakes.  A family of hunky vampire brothers who are exceedingly devoted to their younger vampire sister--what's not to love?!

The series starts out with Hearts at Stake (which has been renamed My Love Lies Bleeding (I think)) which is Solange's story.  She falls in love with a vampire hunter, that does not sit well with her brothers!

Each of the next books is about a brother falling in love.  The genius of this series is that Ms. Harvey made sure to put a lot of characters in the Drake family and surrounding the Drakes, so there is potential for a lot of books!

There is also new vampire mythology!  There are vampires, vampire hunters, vampire who have been turned but are still kind of wild, and vampires that have been turned but are kind of like zombie vampires.  It's all a bit confusing, but believe me, the Drakes make you want to go along for the ride.

I talk these books up a ton.  Consequently, three of them have been stolen from my library this year!!  On the plus side, when I reorder them it looks like they will have new covers.  I don't love the old covers so I am very excited about this!

Each book has a ton of action and humor and romance.  The best part--the first three book are sold together as e-books for $7.50!  That is a deal that cannot be beat!  Add them to your summer reading pile.  (Also, the fifth book is coming out this June--so excited!)

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  1. I recently bought the first book in this series. Now I'm looking forward to reading it even more!