May 11, 2012

FIVE Reasons Why...

For some reason I can't just let it go...why haven't I gotten as much reading done this year?  I have been thinking it over a lot and here are some reason why I might not be reading as much:

1.  Overwhelmed!  I have so many books to read and am excited about reading so many of them.  It's hard to just focus on one when I have so many more to start. Also, I normally have two or three started at the same time.  This is really bad!  I need to just focus on two (a print and an ebook) and leave the others on the shelf!

2. Games!  It is so easy to lay in bed at night and play a game on my Nook or iphone or ipad.  They are just laying there, waiting to be played!  I got addicted to Kingdom Rush in March and pretty much played that straight through until now.  It really cut into my reading time.

3.  New Books!  I got two great orders of books for my library collection this spring.  There is nothing like a shiny new library book.  As I pull them out of the book I scan them and add them to my "to-read-from-collection" list that I keep online.Currently there are 208 books on that list.  Wow.  This goes back to #1. 

4.  Sleep!  I am not getting enough of it and then I crash hard.  And then I get sick.  And when I am sick I don't feel like reading, I feel like sleeping.

5.  Life!  I really like TV and am behind on a bunch of my shows.  I know summer is coming up and I can catch up then, but having those on my DVR whenever I turn it on stresses me out too.  And then we have spring sports--baseball, track and soccer--and spring chores and so on and so on!!

Okay, now that I have identified the problems, I need to attack them and get over this hump!

How is your yearly reading going?


  1. The is no rule or law that says you have to read a lot of books. Everything in moderation is best.

  2. I feel ya gf!

    My husband is a college instructor so he is home for the summer and we are out having fun every day. It's awesome but gives me less time to focus on books.