Feb 14, 2012

Reason to Love Print Books

Here's another reason I will always read print books:  BOOKMARKS!
I love bookmarks, always have.
Then today I get one from one of my favorite students EVER:
It just begs to be in between the pages of a good book!  Then I will be smiling for two reason; 1-because I am reading and 2-because of this adorable bookmark!

The funniest part is that I use paint chips as bookmarks all the time.  My favorite being the Disney ones you can get at Home Depot because I love the names--they always make me smile.  I normally pick one that I feel goes with the book I am reading either in tone or matching the cover.

So now I get a personalized paint chip bookmark.  How perfect is that!


  1. How cute! Great craft idea!

    A very Happy Valentine's Day to you :)

  2. That is just darling! She seems like a pretty great kid :) Happy Valentine's!

    1. She is awesome. I taught her when I taught kindergarten and she remains my favorite ever!