Jan 6, 2012

My 2012 Challenge & Most Anticipated Books of 2012

Many of you know I am a middle school librarian. The BEST thing about that is that I basically have a whole library at my disposal. And, to pat myself on the back, we have an awesome collection. And my TBR pile is huge! So, my goal for 2012 is to not request any ARCs. This includes NetGalley (but probably not Galley Grab, if that ever shows up again). Even if I get an email from someone offering to send me an ARC! This is hard because it is so cool to get ARCs.

If I get offered a spot on a blog tour of a book I really want to read I will accept that, though.

I just want to feel a little more caught up and don't like to feel I am letting my wonderful publishing contacts down when I don't get a book read for them! And I will still send links to my reviews, even for older books.

I can buy books and if an ARC gets sent to me, of course I will keep it, but I am not going to seek out ARCs. However, I have a few books on my MOST ANTICIPATED list. I might have to fudge on these ones:

Quick Fix by Jack D. Ferraiolo: This is the sequel to The Big Splash, one of my favorite middle grade books ever. Before I made my no ARC rule I did request this one and have been told that one with my name on it is going to be set aside when they are ready! Cannot wait.

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake: I adored Anna Dressed in Blood and cannot wait to read more about Cas and Anna!

Spellbound by Rachel Hawkins: The third book in the Hex Hall series, one of my favorite series in recent years!

Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry: It should come as no surprise that this is my most anticipated book of 2012. Dust & Decay ended with so many directions this story could take! I am so excited to read more about Benny & Nix & Lilah & Chong (Although there is one character I will miss desperately!). (There wasn't a cover for this one yet!).

What are your most anticipated reads of 2012?


  1. I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel to THE BIG SPLASH. Sweet!

    I’m looking forward to so many books this year. Polly Horvath’s new book comes out in February. So does THE VANISHING GAME by Kate Kae Myers. And now, thanks to you, I’ve got THE QUICK FIX on my list.

  2. The Big Splash was so good! I can't wait to get the sequel! I shove The Big Splash at so many kids, but it takes a special kind of reader to get the humor in that book!

  3. I haven't even heard of The Big Splash! If it's one of your all time favs, I need to get it from the library. Oh, now I'm excited :)

  4. Katie: I hope you like it. I always worry when I gush and then it's a failure for the person who gives it a try. But, I was booktalking it today and just couldn't help grinning the entire time I talked about it. It truly is an awesome book--and the underlying humor is so appealing for adults! I think you will enjoy it! It is one my 2012 "rereads" list!

  5. We are also looking forward to the next book from Jonathan Maberry! The end of the last one was not something I saw coming but my son did! And honestly there are so few books that boys really seem to enjoy out right now but this is definately one series that boys can enjoy as well as girls!