Dec 9, 2011

My Week...

I had five posts planned this week. Normally I get them all written on the weekend, but due to decorating my house last weekend I didn't get any of it done!

Then something major happened to me...

While I was in the middle of reading Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, which is awesome. I was reading it on my Nook, in the bathtub. Yes. The bathtub.

And I dropped it. My Nook. Into the water.

The Nook was destroyed, I was destroyed. Luckily, this was the second Nook I bought and I did buy the Protection Plan so now I sit and wait patiently for the doorbell to ring and a deliveryman to be waiting there with my new Nook in hand!

So, word of advice, buy the protection plan!!


  1. *gasp* Oh, no!!! Did it hurt you when it fell in the water? Like electricity?

  2. No, but it hurt my heart. Then I felt like puking.

  3. OMGosh!!!!!! You're waaaay braver me than me tho - I would never trust myself anywhere near water with my Nook!

  4. Oh no! That sounds like something I would do. Good thing you had the protection plan. Do they transfer all of your books onto your new Nook? Or do you lose them?

  5. Jill: I don't think it was bravery, more cocky. I was sure I wouldn't drop it!! I almost threw up when I did.

    Small: It all transfers. Once you log in it all starts downloading. I know this because it is the second nook I broke.