Oct 12, 2011

I Blame My iPhone (and my Nook)

I was reading at a blistering pace this summer.

Then there was a dead stop. I am not kidding, full stop. (I have discussed previously that my back is hurt and my son's whole illness that is causing me to have a lack of focus).

There have been a few books I finished, but for the last month I just haven't been able to finish anything.

For awhile I was five books ahead on my GoodReads goal widget. Now I am two books behind.

I can almost pinpoint the moment, though. I bought an iPhone. I LOVE it.

And at night I tend to play games on that (and my Nook Color) rather than read. Also, new TV started so that is always a problem.

I think I need to charge my phone and Nook in the bathroom rather than my nightstand so that I can't just roll over and grab it whenever I want.

Oh well. The books aren't going anywhere. Neither am I!

What pulls your focus away from your reading?


  1. Life does for me. I am now 9 books behind on my Goodreads goal and I blame the last couple of months. With running around to all my kids functions(volleyball, cheerleading, football) and trying to get healthier (25 pds lost) it has taken all of my free time, but like you said the books aren't going anywhere.

  2. LOL. BLOGGING and Twitter and Dancing with the Stars and my children and my husband and . . .

  3. iPhone is ADDICTING!!!! I love it. Then add twitter, facebook, television, blogging. GOOD LORD I'm dying with the awesome technology.

  4. My hubby's ipod actually helps him read. He's addicted to reading on it. Enjoy! :)

    What pulls me from my books? Blogging! I love visiting blogs.

    And P.S. Thanks for your lovely words about bringing home a baby :)

  5. Melissa: Congrats on losing the weight! That is awesome!

    Shannon: All of it. I used to stay up late and read, but lately I pass out so early!

    Jen: I love my iphone! Hopefully when it;s not so new I will be able to put it down!

  6. ha ha,, title was misleading.. but whats the need for blaming ?