Oct 5, 2011

Food From Fiction: Chicken Salad from Variant by Robison Wells

This is an awesome book. Twisty and weird and very suspenseful. Not the kind of book you'd normally find some food inspiration from, but I did!! (I couldn't put it down and will be reviewing it Friday--good book!)

They actually talk about food quite a bit and it all sounded good. But at one point Benson (the main character) had a sack lunch that included chicken salad. I am assuming it was a chicken salad sandwich--and that made me think of the chicken salad sandwiches I make. Which are awesome. And I am going to make them tomorrow for my lunch!

Here's what I do:

*one can chicken (I use the Costco size)
*blue cheese
*green onions, chopped
*croissants (the big ones from Costco)

Mix the first five ingredients together until it looks and tastes like you might like. Because I like blue cheese and cashews I use a lot of those. (I also run the chicken through my mini food processor so it is not in chunks).

Spread it onto a croissant. (I think it is best on a croissant, but it is also really good on bread--and it is good without the green onions as well).



  1. Yum! Looks like a good book too.

  2. Take out the onions and it sounds wonderful!! :-)

  3. Another recipe inventor! I didn't know you did this too! Camaraderie!

  4. I do! But not very often, it has to be just the right book.