Jul 27, 2011

More Dark Street...

Shawn Thomas Odyssey, the author of The Wizard of Dark Street, has been having a great time creating videos for the release of his book. They are so much fun to watch. He is a very talented guy! He is a composer, so here are two songs he did for the book.

This one is a short rap he made:

This one is a longer song that is totally fun:

And here he is reading the prologue to the book:

And my very favorite part of The Wizard of Dark Street website: the character illustrations. They are AWESOME! I enjoyed them before I read the book, but love them even more now that I know who everyone is! Go check them out, then go get a copy of the book--you won't be sorry!

1 comment:

  1. I'm extremely impressed with some people and their never-ending talent! I do want to rush right out and buy this book now! Thanks for the glowing Tween Tuesday review.