Jul 22, 2011

Lake Reading

We've been so lucky to have some friends with a cabin that they don't use--they offered it to us to use for a bit. So for the last four days we've been hanging out at the lake. It's been awesome. My boys are kept busy swimming and catching crawdads and I get to relax and READ! (my husband is off on a fishing trip which is another reason we didn't want to be in our hot house in town).
So far since we've been here I have finished three books:
But I Love Him (another contemporary one that I blasted right through!)
The Wizard of Dark Street (awesome, review is set for next week)
The Books of Elsewhere: the Shadows

I just started The Nine Pound Hammer by John Claude Bemis. He is part of a group of middle grade authors tho have started a blog called Smack Dab in the Middle. You have to read his post on how he landed an agent. It's great!

Mini vacations are the best for reading because that's my first choice of entertainment!


  1. Great list of reads! I'm curious though, we all talk about beach reads and lake reads... what constitutes them to be labeled as much?

    For me it's light reads... and then a light novel, easy to carry around. I have a Kindle but I like to keep it at home and never use it (because I'm like that).

  2. It's lovely to be at the lake and extra pleasant to be reading there! I miss that from my Minnesota childhood. The Shadows by West is on my to-read list for this summer but I haven't even started on that stack! Enjoy your days.

  3. Jen: I think that mostly people label light books as beach reads, but I just think anything that you can't put down is a "vacation" book!

    Peaceful: It was so relaxing! My boys were always busy so I just read & read (and played card games with them). It was super great.