Jul 13, 2011

Genre Speed Reading

Here's a question for you--what genre of books do you read the fastest?

Last week I whipped through two YA contemporary romance type books: Mostly Good Girls and Shut Out (loved Shut Out, review to come in September). I just didn't stop reading them. Then I started thinking about other books that I was able to read in a day--Sean Griswold's Head, One Night That Changes Everything, Jenny Han's Summer books, the Dairy Queen series, She's So Dead to Us & He's So Not Worth It. And I started to wonder what it is about this genre that makes them so easy for me to read quickly? Good characters, probably. Good writing, for sure. Quick chapters, yes that helps. Whatever it is, when I find that contemporary YA books are the quickest genre for me to read.

What about you? Do you have a genre that you just seem to read faster?


  1. Hm, probably fantasy because I enjoy it the most. It's the genre I'm most likely to drop everything and just read. Books with short chapters are also really easy for fly through.

  2. I agree about books with short chapters. I don't get why that is, but they do seem to fly the fastest.