Jun 24, 2011

EGalleys: A Guide

Okay, I have been thinking a lot about egalleys and using them since around November so I am going to impart some knowledge on you! Get ready to be learned:

*If you are buying an ereader today, for use mostly with galley grab or net galley, buy a Nook. I do not dislike Kindles, they are just not useable with any galleys from galley grab and not with several from Netgalley (like Disney/Hyperion). I think this will be changing in the future, I just know how it is right now.

*Simon & Schuster people are mad geniuses. I have read more S&S books over the last five months than other publishers because their egalleys expire on their publication date. And galley grab newsletters normally feature books whose publication date is about 1-2 months away. If you really want to read that book, that's not a lot of time. And they have such a variety--you will want to read many of them! I kind of decided to let go of my obsession to read them before their due date for several reasons: 1. If I felt like it was download worthy I will probably buy it for my library. So I will get to read it eventually. 2. I have a lot of other books to read and if I don't get the egalley read, I will make sure I read the print copy and review it then.

*Sometimes if you search Galley Grab on Twitter you will find links to some books that are not featured in the Galley Grab newsletter--and normally these are ones that will not be out for several months so you have more time to get them read!

*Netgalley is quite a bit different. You normally have 60 days to read a galley, but you can normally download it again after the first 60 days. And, so far, if you have been approved, I have found you can even download them after publication. This is pretty handy because there are some awesome books available there. I think this will change, but I think that Netgalley is growing so fast that this hasn't ever been addresses. Maybe it won't ever change, fingers crossed.

*I know that most people are not in this position, however, if I deem a book downloadable--either from Netgalley or S&S I will also buy it for my library. This is my way of thanking them for having these services! (And I will booktalk it to my classes as well).

So, this is what I know. Do you have more hints than this? Or any questions? Lay it on me!


  1. I've been getting a lot from Net Galley, but haven't seen where to obtain galleys from Simon and Schuster. You are correct that, at this point, Nooks are the way to go. Thanks for the info.

  2. Yup, if I ever buy an e-reader, the Nook is the way I'd go. Lately I've been reading more books on my computer than in print! Between NetGalley and Galley Grab, there have just been so many good books available. The deadlines with Galley Grab do make it difficult sometimes, but it makes sense that they would disappear when you have access to purchasing a copy.