Mar 1, 2011

Tween Tuesday: Lost in the Wild by Ryan Jacobson

I got this book from Nicole from Winsome Media a while back and am finally ready to do a review on it...

Remember the great Choose Your Own Adventures from the 80's & 90's? This book is like those, but I felt it was a little better because it was written for middle schoolers. I used this in my homeroom class as a read aloud. The kids were silent as I read. They got involved in making the choices and would leave each morning after homeroom discussing the choices and debating for their choice.

(after we finished this one I start a classic CYOA, but the students were not near as into it as they were this one. That may be because we live in Montana where getting Lost in the Wild is a real possibility!)

The sad part was that I read probably three different scenarios and we never got rescued! I am going to have to start it all over myself and try and get rescued. Another teacher used this in her homeroom as well and a student from that class told me that no matter what choice they made there was always a death. That makes it very fun for the students.

I also loved that when each choice came up it said, "What will you do?" and then debated each choice a bit for you. It gave the students something extra to think about. The best part, most ironic anyway, for me was when we voted on what items to take in our backpack, debated them, made our selections and two pages later lost the backpack anyway.

I would definitely try another book by this author!

Thanks Nicole for the book and opportunity.

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  1. Scott would totally LOVE this one! :-)

  2. hey there! new follower!! so glad you love YA!

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  3. Hi Jana,
    Thanks for the wonderful review! I promise, there's a way to get rescued. :) And you'll have a chance to get your backpack - and use the items inside - later in the story. I'm glad to hear your students enjoyed it. Did they find their way to the happy ending yet? I hope so!