Mar 7, 2011

Review: Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt & Giveaway

5 wonderful samoas (I haven't gotten mine yet, have you?)

Cover Love: Yes!! Doesn't he just look cute? It really fits the tone of the book as well.

Why I Wanted To Read This:
I loved the idea of this book when I read the synopsis. It sounds like something I would have done in high school. Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:

According to her guidance counselor, fifteen-year-old Payton Gritas needs a focus object—an item to concentrate her emotions on. It's supposed to be something inanimate, but Payton decides to use the thing she stares at during class: Sean Griswold's head. They've been linked since third grade (Griswold-Gritas—it's an alphabetical order thing), but she's never really known him.

The focus object is intended to help Payton deal with her father's newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis. And it's working. With the help of her boy-crazy best friend Jac, Payton starts stalking—er, focusing on—Sean Griswold . . . all of him! He's cute, he shares her Seinfeld obsession (nobody else gets it!) and he may have a secret or two of his own.

In this sweet story of first love, Lindsey Leavitt seamlessly balances heartfelt family moments, spot-on sarcastic humor, and a budding young romance.

I Kept Reading Because:
It was awesome. Very relateable characters and an adorable romance made for a fun read!

Romance?: Yes. Such a wonderful, sweet romance!

What I Liked (& Didn't):
I adored Payton. I was so much like her in high school. I was super organized (not as grade obsessed though), wrote out goals for all areas of my life each week--color coded, of course. I was also an amazing "researcher" when it came to having crushes (and this was before the internet--now it would be so easy). I would definitely be the type to get fixated on the back of someone's head.

I also adored Jac. She would have been an amazing best friend to have in high school. I loved when she borrowed the black trench coat and sunglasses from a kid in her class so they could spy. And she gave Payton the pushes she needed. What an awesome cheerleader for Payton!

I LOVED, LOVED Sean Griswold. Oh man, this would have totally been my type of guy. Although I can guarantee I wouldn't have taken up biking for any guy in high school.

For all that I connected with Payton I wouldn't have been able to give my parent's the silent treatment as long as she did. I always have to talk it out, there's no way I could have let something like that fester. But I am glad that her parents recognized what they did was very wrong and that Payton needed time to get over it. I also am glad that Payton would recognize when she was being a brat--even though it took her awhile to stop being one.

To Sum Up:
This was just a perfect first love tale that I would recommend for many a reader looking for a sweet romance. Wonderful read!!

Book sent from Kate at Bloomsbury! Thanks Kate.

I am also giving away a copy of Sean Griswold's Head! (Thanks Kate & Bloomsbury) Fill out the form below to enter to win. Contest closes on March 17 and is open to US residents only.
(For the record--my first love was Kurt (ah...fourth grade and my (current) favorite literary crush is Tom Imura from Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry)


  1. I adore Lindsey Leavitt!!! She'll be at Teen Book Con in Houston in April (of course I'll be gone! BOO!!!) but I'm dying to read The Royal Treatment (Princess for Hire #2) so I'll add this one to my TBR list since I support her!

    Thanks for the amazing review!

  2. You will not be sorry. I loved it! I will have to look up some of her other books!

  3. Great review! I really like how you break everything down. You also make me so hungry with your cookie references :)

    I just finished Princess for Hire and it was so cute! It sounds like this book has a lot of the things I liked about PfH. Definitely adding it to my list. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to read this one :)

  5. Aw sounds cute :) Thanks for the link to the review.