Jan 28, 2011

To Challenge or Not To Challnege?

Do you sign up for reading challenges?

I did last year and kept pretty good track for a month or so, but then kind of just let it go by the way side. I like the idea of a challenge and the opportunity to win free stuff by participating in a challenge, I just didn't do good at keeping track.

I do love the new feature on GoodReads that lets you set your own challenge for the year--I set my reading goal at 115 books (four more than last year). If I get that, fine, if not, that's okay too.

I did decide that I was going to set myself a reading goal to read 5 adult books this year (And I think I am going to work my way down the Alex Awards list for this year--I am currently reading The Radleys). Last year I didn't read any. The year before, 12. There are some authors I really like reading and I missed their books last year. So, that's my personal challenge. I might even give myself something when I am done (Mocha Cappuccino Blast, perhaps?).

What about you? Do you participate in reading challenges? If so, what is your favorite one?


  1. I meant well last year, but I couldn't pull it off for that long. I'll just have a mental goal and leave it at that. :-)

  2. Totally understand!! But I think that one of the people actually running one of my challenges gave up on running it as well so I didn't feel too bad.

  3. Last year I signed up for a ton of challenges and i don't think I finished one! I've decided this year to not do any. I didn't know about the Goodreads goal. I might set that!

  4. I do but I'm not sure why. I guess it might be just to light a fire under my butt. I don't sign up for them and then go seeking the books. I sign up for them knowing I have the required books already in my TBR pile.

  5. Um, I had no impulse control with challenges this year. You can see, I've signed up for quite a few challenges. (link) I'm even tossing around the idea of signing up for a few more...yeah, like I said, no impulse control :P

    Will I finish them? Well, that's the question. I guess I'll find out. So far, so good. :D