Dec 16, 2010

Series Review: The Thief & Sequels by Megan Whalen Turner

Cover Love: YES! I love these covers, which are re-release covers. I don't love the first cover of The Thief that I remember, but these ones totally do it for me.

Why I Wanted to Read It: I kept hearing so much about The Thief and it was a Newbery Honor book. Honestly though, the cover always turned me off a bit. This is the one I didn't love. Compare them.

I Kept Reading Because: I listened to the audio version of The Thief. I couldn't stop listening. I found myself vacuuming and mowing a lot more because it was so good. Eugenides is such a great character, I totally fell in love with him. The book was so well written and the twist at the end was perfect. Oh man, what a great story. (Also, the audio book was excellent and the narrator did not have an accent. I was glad they did this because they could have but it was just fine without it). I ended up checking out The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia because I knew I could read them faster than listen to them. Then I bought A Conspiracy of Kings because I couldn't get it from the library and I couldn't wait!

Romance: Le Sigh. Yes, yes, and yes.

What I Liked: Eugenides is amazing. So much so that he WON the YA Fantasy Showdown beating the likes of Katsa, Katniss and Edward. Doesn't that make you want to know more about him? He is so great: witty, smart, darling, loyal.

The world that this series is set in is also great, monarchs, wars, spies, back stabbing, mythology, religion...these books have it all! I am going to buy this set for one of my young reader friends for Christmas, I know she will love it.

These books are so well written there is a twist or two in every book and I can guarantee you do not see them coming. If there are any books that are worth my time to read, it's these.

To Sum Up:
Gush, gush, gush!! I cannot say enough. There are a lot of series I love (Chaos Walking, Hunger Games, Airborn, etc...) but not one that I think I could pick up and read right after I finish them. This is a series I could do that with! Check them out or buy them but give them a chance!

Audiobook (The Thief) checked out from library, The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia checked out from my library, A Conspiracy of Kings bought from local bookstore.


  1. I haven't read these! Oh, no!!! :-)

  2. I waited and waited Shannon, I am so glad I finally did it though! They are AWESOME!

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM

    To be honest, I've seen these books around, and I've never had any desire to read them. That is...until now. I'll be checking out my library, for sure! Great review! :)

  4. I've been wanting to read this series ever since I read the gushing reviews on "Emily and Her Little Pink Notes," but I still haven't actually read the first one. What am I waiting for??? Thanks for the motivation :)