Nov 15, 2010

Review: One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

4 yummy peanut butter blossoms!

Cover Love: I do like this cover, however, it makes Eliza looks like she is having fun, and for most of the night she is really not having fun. But, she also makes it look like there is hope for Eliza.

Why I Wanted To Read This Book: I was in the mood for something kind of light, kind of fun and a high school romance. This fit the bill perfectly. Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:

Eliza is in a full-blown panic. Her notebook has been stolen—the one that lists everything she wants but is afraid to go after. And the absolute worst person in the world has it: her ex-boyfriend, Cooper.

Like it’s not enough Cooper was lying to Eliza for their entire relationship, now he and his friends are blackmailing her. They’re giving her just one night to complete the most humiliating tasks on her list or they’ll post her secrets online—including the ones that aren’t just about her.

Eliza’s sure of only one thing: she isn’t going down without a fight. Cooper may have what’s left of her dignity, but she’s not the only one with something to hide …

I Kept Reading Because:
I couldn't put it down! I read it in one day in between work and meetings and TV and sleep.

What I Liked (& Didn't):
At first I was reading along thinking about how Eliza probably overreacted and shouldn't have posted anything online about Cooper. (Especially since my 15 year old niece is going through some of this same stuff--posting things online can get you in trouble). Then we find out what Cooper did to her and ouch! My heart broke right along with Eliza and this was the beginning of the book--where I am not even very invested in the characters yet!

I love Eliza. There I times I want to smack her, times I want to hug her and times I want to cry with her!

I also love Cooper. Yeah, he should have stood up to his friends, but overall he's a good guy. I am not giving anything away on this because this is pretty apparent from the get-go.

Everyone seemed to do a little bit of growing during the course of the night. I liked that it wasn't life changing, just enough to be believable.

And, you can face your fears. Sometimes you might need a little push, but normally it all works out just fine!

What I Would Like to See:
I am sure this is a stand alone book and that's good. It ended in a good place--I was very satisfied!

To Sum Up: I would recommend this to young adult readers. There is quite a bit of swearing but overall, it was just a good, fun story!

Book purchased from Borders.


  1. Oh, this sounds like something my girls would love! I'll have to try to find a copy for my classroom. :-)

  2. "One Night..." sounds like a fun, easy read. It'll probably be a good one to recommend to my reluctant, female readers. Thanks for the recommendation!