Oct 18, 2010

Calling Librarians & Book Bloggers

I am teaching a class to other librarians about blogging. I highly doubt many will take it because I think there are more teachers at this convention than librarians, however I should be prepared. Tell me:

Do you go to many librarian blogs?
What do you most like to see on book blogs?
What would you like to learn if you hadn't quite started a blog yet but were intrigued by the idea?
Any other things I should cover?

Thanks all! It should be pretty fun!


  1. I do follow a few library blogs and I love to find lesson plans!

  2. I like to see library news, discussions of current issues (censorship, banned books, etc) and of course book talk! I'm currently a library student and I'm writing a paper about libraries and librarians who blog. Would it be possible to interview you about your experience running the class?

  3. I like to see reviews of lesser-known titles - ones that surprise me and leave me wondering why I didn't know about that book!

  4. Let's see. I don't go to too many library specific blogs although a few blogs on my lists are librarians by day.

    I like to see the reviewer's personality, not to mention reviews, on book blogs. Honest reviews of the books they read plus intonations of who they are. I like to think I'm reading a blog by a real person and not a bot.

    I'd like to learn the correct channels to go about starting a blog. How to market, how to get review copies (although for librarians that should be kind of moot), blogging etiquette, things like that.

  5. YES! We need more librarian blogs! Yours and Super Librarians are my absolute loves for several reasons. Between the two of you I can always find:
    - reviews on books that are awesome, but not necessarily the "it book" of the moment
    - reviews on a wide range of genres (thank you for not only covering paranormal and fantasy!)
    - reviews of MG novels (I love Tween Tuesdays!)
    - information on contests/events happening at your library and through YALSA

    I would love to see more "real life" stories of things that are happening in the library. Some possible examples... How do you run a successful book club? How do you keep your collection as up to date as possible? How do you deal with censorship issues? What is your library doing/promoting that isn't specifically about a book - ie: something technology or project based?

    I would LOVE to hear more about your class as it progresses!

  6. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I found your workshop to be inspiring ... however, "a little learning is a dangerous thing". And I saw just enough to make me wonder how you do what you do. I also didn't get the URLs for all of your blogs. I'm going to start with the tutorial, but you'll be hearing from me again. P. Kimmet