Sep 17, 2010

Food From Fiction: Dead is a State of Mind (French Dip Sandwich)

Daisy Giordano is an amazing cook.

Every book about Daisy is packed with mentions of the good things she makes. It always makes my mouth water. In fact, I have two food from fiction posts off of the last two Dead Is...books I read.

Today's post, though, includes the recipe for my husband's favorite dinner: French Dip Sandwiches. These are made in a crock pot (yay!) and everyone I have ever served these too loves them. Truthfully the meat is fine, the au jus is great, but the way I fix them is the best.

Buy some stadium rolls--they are just better rolls and hold up so well when dunked in the au jus--butter them, stack the cooked, sliced meat on one side and top with a slice or two of cheddar cheese. Here comes the magic...broils them until the bread is toasty and the cheese is melter. YUM. It is making me hungry as I write this!

Anyway, take some time to try these (serve them with fries and a salad), you won't be sorry.

Click here to see and print the recipe.

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