Aug 16, 2010

Tales of Used Books: Mr. Pudgins

Do you still wish you had that box of books that your mom packed away in the basement? Oh, my gosh, I so wish I did. My mom donate my entire Sweet Valley High set to our middle school library when I went to college. At the time I told her it was fine, but now I am just depressed about losing them! There was one book I had recalled from my childhood days about a man babysitting some kids and making crazy things happen, like pop coming out of all the water fountains in the house.

I decided to try and track that book down a few years ago, but I had no idea what it was called. I found one site that tried to help people remember titles of books. You posted a few plot points that you remember and other people tried to come up with the title. After a few days I hit the jackpot: Mr. Pudgins by Ruth Christoffer Carlson. I found a used copy online and withing a week had it in my eager hands. It was as fun as I remember it being!

Do you have your own used books tale? Or a book you finally tracked down after years? Tell me about it!


  1. Yes, it was about a family with apple names (Macintosh, itc) and they lived in the country. It guess it was a favorite of lots of people because it is now super-expensive. Glad you found your favorite!

  2. My mother gave away my Girls of Canby Hall series and also my Sunfire romance novels. At the time I didn't care, but later on after I decided to become a teacher and then a school librarian I really wanted them back. The nice thing was that the school she gave most away to was the one I taught at and the seventh/eighth grade teacher who inherited my books encouraged me to take them back. It seems like her students weren't really into them anyway. I did end up re-buying off of Ebay and Amazon my Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden series.
    And Peaceful Reader and I have discussed the Apple Family book...this was one we all fought over in our school library. I think my girls would like it even this many years later.

  3. I've never heard of that book. It sounds really cute. My mother kept all my books - probably because she knew I'd kill her if she touched them.
    I think I got rid of most of my SVH books on my own though. They certainly were a guilty pleasure for awhile.
    Alison Can Read

  4. I read Mr. Pudgins as a child and have now started reading it to my grandchildren, they love the book as much as I did.