Aug 20, 2010

Mockingjay--Spoiler Free?

I pre-ordered Mockingjay from Amazon. I did this because it comes out the same week that school starts so if I get it a day later it will be okay because I am not sure when I will start it. I might change and run to Costco or Borders on the 24th to pick up a copy unless Amazon is guaranteeing delivery on the 24th.

However, I do feel that with school starting that week and with me starting at a new school I am not going to have time to start it--so am I going to have to avoid all blogs until I get it read? How do all of you plan to stay spoiler free? And are you even going to post anything on Tuesday?

(I usually love spoilers, but for this I really want to find out myself)


  1. HA! I just avoid the net until its read.

  2. I do know where you are coming from on this. I recently received an ARC for Clockwork Angel, the was messing around on and read a few reviews, and suddenly I was reading one that told too much, and it was not labeled to contains spoilers. And it did totally taint my view of the book while reading. --Avoid all reviews till you've read it!

    FYI- my Mockingjay said it shipped yesterday on Amazon. So hopefully it will be here on time.