Jul 20, 2010

What Book Did It For You?

Most of you who read this blog are MG/YA enthusiasts--we are all in good company. So what was the book that did it for you? I bet most of you just never grew out of reading YA books as you got older. I didn't. I had plenty of years where I read mostly "adult" books, but when I started teaching I got bounced around from school to school for a few years. The first person I always got to know really well was the librarian. One school I went to got a big order of new books right before Christmas break and I checked out a bunch to take with me on break. I also had a few adult books, but I didn't even touch those. I just whipped through all of the ones I had brought from the school library. Finally I just decided what the heck, and I went to mostly YA/MG. I haven't looked back.

What about you? What book or books finally made you realize where you reading interests lie?


  1. Twilight.

    When I was a teen I read romance.
    Then for years I couldn't find anything to read. Nothing really caught me.

    Then the Twilight movie came out.
    That changed everything for me.
    After reading the entire series in four days I realized I belonged near YA :)

  2. I am thinking that the two big answers will be: Twilight and Harry Potter. We'll see!

  3. I always reread my beloved faves (narnia, Anne, OZ, wrinkle in time series, little princess ect) as an adult but didn't read any new YA books until-- yep you guessed it-- Harry Potter. Now I read tons of YA.