Jul 1, 2010

From the Minds of a Tween Book Review: Middleworld by J & P Voelkel

I didn't really like Middleworld. I feel really bad when I don't like a middle grade/young adult book because I am not the target audience. But, because I am a librarian, I feel like a pretty good judge of books and want to be able to "sell" a young reader on books they might like. Still, if I really didn't get a book I try and have one of my young reader friends read it and let me know what they think. Sophie is one of my tween friends. She is about to start seventh grade and since I am going to be at the middle school here in town next year--I will be her librarian. She did like the book and here is her review:

I really liked this book, first of all, because of the adventures.
Secondly, because of the change the jungle brings upon Max: from lazy-
couch-potato-gamer, to adventurer, and hero. I liked the characters
too, and their attitudes. And the determination to find his parents
was really superb. Also, I enjoyed how Max and Lola were a team.
Finally, I really enjoyed the ending, and how he saves his parents
with the help of Lucky Jim.

Thanks so much Sophie! I expect to get more reviews from her (and other young readers I know) as I have her read more of the books I have gotten in recent months! In fact, I am going to have her read The Magnificent 12: The Call as soon as I am done!


  1. I feel guilty when I don't like middle grade too. I'm usually ready to blame my self instead of the book.

  2. I agree. But, there are a bunch of them I do like and a bunch more I love so I try to believe I am a pretty good judge!