Jun 30, 2010

Mini Book Reviews

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

Cover Love: Four cookies. I love the purple & green. For some reason I just love this cover

Story: 3 cookies. It started strong and stayed strong part way through the middle. Then it went all "meh." Ended pretty good, but it lost it's way. I didn't like the character of Jill in the middle which is probably why I lost a little interest. But, I really recommend the author's first book Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.

Middleworld by J&P Voelkel

Cover Love: 2.5 cookies--but I think it would be really attractive to kids.

Story: 2 cookies. Couldn't' really get into it. I made myself finish it, but I doubt I will read a sequel. I felt like the authors weren't sure what kind of story they wanted to write, just knew it was a to be a good adventure. There was a lot of Mayan history though. Since I am not the target audience I gave the book to an avid seventh grade reader. She will be giving me a review to post later this week. She did enjoy it as well.

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Cover Love: 3 cookies. I love the colors, they really convey a summery feeling.

Story: I enjoyed this story a lot. The main character Delphine had a really good voice. When we meet her character she is already so responsible and grown up--it makes you wonder where she has to go. As she reconnects with her mom and learns about the world outside of the small area where she grew up, she makes many changes in how she thinks. Nothing is over done, it is just done right. I highly recommend this read!

Also, on a road trip last weekend we started listening to the first Fablehaven book. Not recommended. Within the first 10 minutes I stopped because I did not like the narrator. Not good at all!


  1. Great reviews, as always, Jana! I'm bummed to hear the Middleworld book isn't great - I've been wondering about that one. And too bad about the Fablehaven audio. That is too good a story to ruin with a bad narrator! :-)