Jun 1, 2010

"Assigned" Reading

You know when you have a pile of books to read and an order you know you should read them in for whatever reason...reviewing for a publisher or maybe it is due back at the library? It's sometimes hard to get them done right? Then you get a book in (either from a publisher or the library or it's finally at the store) and it's all you can do to not chuck out the books you were reading--or need to read--to rip into the new book? Especially when the next book in a series comes out or when a new book by an author you love arrives.
Or when this shows up in your mailbox: (thanks to Heather at Candlewick, my new favorite person OF ALL). I am so excited to read this book! But, I have so many others I should be reading. So here's what I am going to do: I have three I am reading right now, quick reads all of them. When I finish all of these I will read Monsters of Men. It will be my reward!

What about you? Do you have any authors or series you have to read above everything else? Do you ever find that no matter how much you want a book when you actually have it in your hands, your urgency is lessened?


  1. I understand totally. It is hard enough to keep up with the library books and then when I get an ARC that just increases the pressure. That is why when I purchase a book, it somehow gets moved down on the stack because I know there is no big rush.

  2. Yes, I can understand this perfectly! I looked forward to Megan Whalen Turner's new book for over a year, and bought it on release day two months ago. I still haven't read it. But for me, it's because I'm so afraid it won't hold up -- that I may not like it as much as I hope. I'm pretty sure this is groundless, though. :)

  3. When Mockingjay comes out, it's no holds barred devouring that book. I don't care what I'm reading at the time. But for the most part, I have some pretty good control.

    Right now I'm waiting for my Sony Touch Reader to come in so I can start on a digital ARC I really want to read. I was going to read a Christopher Pike book in between my blog tour books and Clockwork Angel but, well, I *really* want to read this one!

  4. Oh yeah, Mockingjay is a drop everything event. As was Catching Fire--and Linger which I got earlier this month. I really want to start Monsters of Men, but because I need to motivate myself to actually get some things done, I am using it as a carrot.

  5. There are so many things that trump other books in my TBR pile. I know that when Hex Hall 2 comes out I'll stop everything to read it. When Matched by Ally Condie comes out I'll stop everything and read that!

    I have a ton of books that I look at and I must have the sign MUST READ stamped on my forehead because my husband knows to pick it up for me. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

    Great blog, love the title!

  6. Good hard question.
    I tend to let my mood lead the way and only accept books I'm truly gaga over.