May 12, 2010

You Love Them, You Love Them Not

Here's a question for you? Is there an author that you have read certain books from that you love, then certain books that you just don't?

I have a few of them. The one that brought this to mind today is Kenneth Oppel. I adored his Airborn books--the main character Matt Cruse became my literary crush last summer. He wrote a series before Airborn that started with a book called Silverwing. I do not love animal stories and the few times I have picked this up to read it I just cannot get beyond the first page. It just makes me sad that I can love one series he writes and not really even give the other one a chance!

Do you have any authors that you feel this same way about?


  1. John Irving. For the books I love, like The World According to Garp and A Prayer for Owen Meany, I get the biggest author crush and love reading him. Then there are other titles that fell flat for me.

  2. Stephen King! I loved The Stand and The Shining but couldn't even finish Tommyknockers!