May 7, 2010

Awards & Cool Sites

Today I got an award from Shannon at Book Dreaming. Shannon has been my friend for fact, I think I even got her started with blogging. I recall her being in a class I taught once. So imagine my delight when I foudn her blog and saw that she was so active and had so many followers! She posts everyday and her main focus is writing. Actually, I take that back, her main focus is movitivation. She always has something inspring to say! Anyway, thanks for the award Shannon!

Have you been to Free Book Friday? Author Jessica Brody hosts a book giveaway EVERY FRIDAY. AND she has a Free Book Friday site for teens too! I eneter every week but have never won *shaky sigh*.

Also, how cute are these stickies? Make your own here.


  1. Free books?! Count me in!! And thanks for the sticky note link - I've wondered about those for a while now. :-)

  2. Congrats on the award and thanks for the link!! :D