Apr 28, 2010

Too Many Zombies

I am listening to The Boneshaker, which is awesome, but has a lot of zombies (or Rotters as they are called in this book) in it. This is such a good audio adaption that I find myself driving longer to hear more and have even went on a few walks so I can keep listening.

And I just started The Dead Tossed Waves, again a zombie book.

I have finished all the levels, mini games, puzzles and survival modes of Plants vs. Zombies.

I started watching Dead Set.

The only thing I haven't done is watch Zombieland, but I started it--it seems disturbing. But funny. I will probably get around to it this summer (the real disturbing part is the first graders I heard talking about watching it yesterday. I wouldn't let my sixth grader watch it based in the five minutes I saw at the beginning. Come on people--FILTERS!!).

Mind you, I don't believe this could happen, but last night at around 2 am when I woke up and as I was trying to drift back to sleep, I started thinking about it and *shivers* it gave me the willies. I decided that I would not read The Dead Tossed Waves just yet but go onto something lighter.

Of course, this morning, I picked it up while eating breakfast. Guess it is back to zombies for me!!


  1. After I finish Renegade X, I'm trying to decide between The Forest of Hands and teeth and Shiver. :-)

  2. I have tons of students who watch scary movies on a regular basis. Yuck!!

  3. Good luck - you know you're the favorite librarian in my house! If it was up to us... done deal, baby! :-)

  4. Funny how we all have our paranormal vises. You-all it's Zombies and witches. Me- its Vampires and carries. And I think we all love the Where's!

  5. Faeries! I meant . Sometimes I hate auto text.

  6. I was telling my students at the beginning of the school year that zombies were the new vampires. They keep reminding of that when I book talk yet another zombie book :) I'm even dreaming about zombies now!