Apr 1, 2010

Spring Break Update

At about 1:00 yesterday afternoon I hit the "can't put it down" point in Fablehaven #5 (it was about 1/3 of the way through).

The problem is that I have not had time to just read, until now. My kids are finally sleeping in a bit so I am just reading. I am not going to be able to get done this morning so I took a moment to update.

It is really good, tons of action. I have loved it so far and will be very sad when I am done with it. I know this is to be the end of the series, but Brandon Mull created a world he could continue writing stories about. Perhaps he will write stories about some of the other characters!

Almost done, so more later!!


  1. Wyatt took it to Butte with him over break so his cousin could read it. I may have to kill him! Of course, I'm reading Before I Fall so I can return it to a friend (but not if I had my hands on Fablehaven!!) :-)

  2. so glad to hear that book 5 is good! Sometimes in those later books they don't stay as strong. I read book one, and our book fair has book two, so I'll be moving onto that one :)