Mar 10, 2010

Team Peeta or Team Gale

The On Our Minds @ Scholastic Blog has a great debate going today. There are arguments for both Peeta and Gale. Here was my response:

"I am Team Peeta. In fact, there is a lot of me that could do less with Katniss. My family and I listened to The Hunger Games (my second time) and I realized that Suzanne Collins fleshes out Peeta way more than she does Gale. I think she is letting us know who the more main character is and maybe Katniss will not end up with either of them, but I think Peeta will be way more pivotal in the last book. I am also so tired of Katniss naivete. As my 11-year old son said when we listened to the book, "she thinks too much." She does, and what she thinks is normally wrong."

Now, I haven't re-read Catching Fire but I remember being really frustrated with Katniss during that book. For someone who knows so much about a lot of things, she really refuses to take the small hints when they are smacking her in her face.

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