Mar 9, 2010

March Madness & Countdown

My #4 book James and the Giant Peach) made the list today. We are down to the top 30 books--exciting stuff! I do like how she is drawing it out for everyone, but I do get a bit sad when she doesn't post on the countdown each day.

Here is the huge bracket I made for outside my library for our annual March Madness of Books competition. This year's focus is favorite authors. It was so fun yesterday with my fifth graders. I was showing them the pairings so they could fill out a prediction bracket if they wanted to. I woudl show them the middle grade book and they would cheer and then I would show them the picture book and they would groan, knowing that with first and second graders voting this year it would totally throw off the results they wanted. Of the ones who have filled out their predictions most still think Jeff Kinney will win. I did tell them I would be adding an online voting factor this year which could help boost the results. Some of them asked how many times they could vote online. This is going to be fun!


  1. This is a really good idea-I need to put it in my idea file to do for next year! I can't wait to see the final results. I think Jeff Kinney would win here also.

  2. Wow. in most of these matchups, it seems to be entirely based on how many people in each age group actually votes (And I suspect the older kids are going to have an advantage if multiple votes are allowed)

  3. I do think that some of the picture books are more likely to win because some of the older books are not read by every older reader. Soem kids haven't read the Warriors book, but they all know Dr. Seuss. I am really excited about this because I don't think things will turn out like I think they will turn out!