Mar 4, 2010

March Madness 2010--Favorite Authors

Last year in my library I ran a March Madness of Books--Favorite Series contest. This year I am doing Favorite Authors. I changed it so that I could bring in some picture book authors and have the younger kids vote. So, I picked 16 authors that are pretty popular in my library and set up a bracket. Next week is the anticipation week--where kids can fill out their predictions if they'd like and I talk about each author and what they are best known for. The following week voting will start. Here is the ballot for the first week. I also am working on a big bracket for outside of my library. I will post a picture of that when I get it done.

I do think that Jeff Kinney will win (again--Diary was the favorite series last year) because those books are the most popular at this library. Also, the movie is coming out during this voting time. He's going to be hard to beat. BUT, by adding the younger picture books into the mix we might have some dark horses. I think Shel Silverstein has a good chance because his poetry books are the second most popular books. I also think that Mo Willems could really come on strong because all the grades love that Pigeon! I am really pulling for Roald Dahl, though, because he truly is my favorite author.

I also have prizes for my students. Anyone who reviews a book by one of the featured authors or writes why a certain author is their favorite wins a bookmark. Each week I will pick two or three ballots from those cast and those kids will get to pick out a free book. Kids that write at least one review, fill out a prediction bracket & vote every week will get entered into a grand prize drawing. Right now I have two copies of N.E.R.D.S (autographed by the author) for giveaway, and I'll see what else I can scrounge up over the next few weeks. This is always much fun for my students. Next week I will have a poll on the side so you can vote along with us if you'd like!

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