Mar 24, 2010

I Love New Book Day!

Yesterday after school I drove into the parking lot of Borders so excited to get the fifth Fablehaven book. I saw one of my son's friends leaving with with a copy and I was thrilled. Borders has a history of not getting books I want in on their release date--including the last Fablehaven. I expected that to be the case yesterday, but WAHOO! I got a copy and it has jumped to the top of my to-read list!! Mostly that is because I already have a waiting list at school and I absolutely get to read it first (one of the perks of being the librarian!).

My son has a little "friend" who loves reading. She especially loves the Percy Jackson books. Her mom asked me the other day when the new Rick Riordan series comes out because her daughter is so excited for it. I sent her a list of other books I think her daughter might like...including Fablehaven. I think she'd love this series because it is great, well written, has fantasy and the main character is a girl. Currently my son and this friend occasionally text each other (he doesn't have his own phone, but he has access to a phone that he can use only at home--it is actually his grandpa's but we took it with us on our Christmas break vacation and just kept it after that--but it doesn't leave the house unless we feel he is going somewhere that he might need a phone--hasn't happened yet). They barely ever talk at school, so it's not like it is a true relationship, but it is sort of cute and her mom and I get along really well.

All of that to say I really hope her reading habit rubs off on him!!


  1. Yay! We pre-ordered it, but it didn't arrive yesterday like it was supposed to. Argh! I was not a happy camper. :-)

  2. Okay, I have Fablehaven (the first) on my pile of books upstairs waiting to be read...guess I need to move it closer to the top-your excitement is contagious!