Mar 15, 2010

Book Review: The Agency: A Spy in the house by Y.S. Lee

4 cookies out of 5.

When this book started showing up on other blogs I got so excited to read it. I don't request young adult ARCs though because I focus mostly on middle grade novels (although I read a ton of young adult, I just can't justify requesting those since I am an elementary librarian). Anyway, I happen to get this one in the mail about a week after I started seeing it on blogs. I cannot remember if I requested it or not, but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I got busy reading it right away!

This is the story of Mary Quinn, who is rescued from death by hanging by a woman who runs a school for young women. While at the school she receives a good educaion and training in manners and fitting in to society. She also discovers that she can become a female investigator through a secret part of the school called the Agency. Mary takes advantage of this and is soon sent out on her first mission.

I love historical fiction. The author has a PHD in Victorian literature and culture, so this book is packed with true facts about Victorian England. So I felt secure in knowing that what I was reading was factual. And Mary is a great new character, a girl living a secret life that she was born to live. There is also a bit of a romance that I connected with right away. This is a fun read, with a good mystery and a great new series to look forward to!

The author went on several blogs last week to promote the book. She wrote a guest post on each one that had to do with the history on England around the time the book takes place. I really enjoyed reading them--lots of history! Check them out: The Story Siren, Chick Lit Teens, Epic Rat, Reading in Color, That Chick That Reads--she is also interviewed at several other sites and you can find the list on her own website.

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