Feb 9, 2010

Top Chapter Books Poll Day #2:

Today Fuse counted down #90-86. I am glad she is only doing 5 a day because it will make the poll last longer. Last year when she did the picture books it became my highlight to read each morning. It made a dreary winter move along faster. I am happy to see that I have read more than not so far on the list. None of mine are on there still. I think since we have seen the appearance of a Ramona book this early that we will find a lot of the Ramona books on the list.

*note: I am adding each day's new books to the previous post I did, so that in the end I will have one nice list. Check it out here.

This week I am completing my "assigned" reading. And, although the books are good, I feel like I am trapped because I have to get them done. I know, wah-wah and all that. Buck up little camper, you get to read three ARCs. That's pretty cool. Also, Glee's version of Don't Stop Believing just came on and that makes me smile.

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