Jan 21, 2010

January Blows

I know January is not quite over but where I live January and February are the worst months. I am more than willing to write them off, it's gray and cold. If the weather did something I would be okay, but it is just kind of blah. EXCEPT when the weather acts like spring, like it has been doing the last week. That is the worst because really we have a lot of winter left, but then we have a day that gives us hope for spring, but yet, not quite.

Anyway, I have been busy like everyone running kids to events, watching TV, not cleaning and of course, reading. I haven't felt like I have gotten much reading done, then I look at my good reads shelf and see that I actually have gotten a lot read.

My favorite so far is Ice by Sarah Beth Durst. I didn't love her first book Into the Wild, so I wasn't sure about this one. But, East of the Sun and West of the Moon is one of my favorite fairy tales, particularily Mercer Mayer's beautiful version. So, I gave it a chance. I loved it. Very hard to put down and great the way it was brought into the modern world. I would give it 4 cookies because there were a few elements I didn't love, but overall it was a great retelling of a great fairy tale. I am also going to read Jessica Day George's version Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow soon. (I am also reading K-2 by Ed Viesturs because I have a thing about moutaineering. I don't know why I am reading all these cold books right now, normally I would save them for the hot days of summer. Oh well!)

Now I am reading I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President by Josh Lieb. It is a really fun read, but I am not going to get it for my library because I think it would fit in a middle school library better.

I didn't do any Tween Tuesday this week because there was no school Monday, then when Tuesday came around it felt like Monday. Next week, though.

I also have been going to some movies! I love movies.
I saw Sherlock Holmes and very much enjoyed that.
I also saw It's Complicated and really liked that.
I still want to see Leap Year and Avatar. I actually don't really want to see Avatar, but my sons really do and everyone says you need to see it in a theater and in 3-D. For some reason I just don't think it looks that great, although I have heard otherwise, believe me!

And to top it all off, sweeps month is in February and I have a lot of TV I watch! So, even though January and February are icky months, they will move fast.

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