Nov 17, 2009

Tween Tuesday--John Bellairs--An Old Favorite

Tween Tuesday was started by GreenBeanTeenQueen.

This year I am focusing on adding more scary stories to my collection because I always get requests for "something scary." I bought a few Mary Downing Hahn books this fall, but my favorite scary reads when I was younger are by John Bellairs (by the way his is one of the better author sites I have seen, there are very complete descriptions of the books, check it out).

I have a few of his book in my collection and I will say they still hold up today. Of course, since I remember them really creeping me out I talk them up as the scariest books I read when I was growing up. The one I can recall the best was The House With a Clock In It's Wall. I need to go back and read it again because I remember finishing that book and then sleeping on the couch so I could be closer to my parents.

Anyway, when I have a strong reader ask me for a scary read, and I get their promise they will read 25 pages before giving up, I lead them to John Bellairs. And the ones who give them an honest try are never disappointed. They are just good, spooky, creepy reads!

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  1. Good pick for scary reads! My tweens are always wanting something creepy-they love Mary Downing Hahn. I don't really like scary books, so I like when they read them and tell me about them-then I don't get scared when I read them!:)