Oct 21, 2009

Book Clubs//Book Match Maker

I have a friend who needs to be in a book club, only she seems to think the book club should be just me and her because whenever we read the same book she calls me and has to discuss things. I don't mind mostly, but sometimes she will not let her questions be answered. This is when I think she needs a direct line to the author. She still cannot figure out what it says about her that she liked Twilight so much. I say that what it says is that she likes to be entertained. (currently we both read Fire and she cannot get her head around the word "monster" that the author uses to describe basically a race of people and animals. I say she just used that word for that society, it obviously doesn't have the meaning that word does for us because monsters in that society are actually beautiful).

The whole point is that I am not big on discussing things I read (or watch). Unless it is just to comment on how much I did or didn't like something...not the WHY, just the basics. Too sad, too wordy, kind of stupid. I think that's why I don't really review books here. I just want to give things a thumbs up or thumbs down or a "meh." Although I do rave about books when I love them.

So, I view myself as a book match maker. I don't want to sit around in a book club and talk about a book, but I love talking about books. I want to share the books I like with people and I do get sad if they do not like them as much as me because I want them to have an equally enjoyable reading experience. I love matching people to books and nothing gives me as much joy as when someone does love a book I recommend.

So, basically, I am in the perfect job.


  1. But how do you know what to match with that person unless: A.You know something intregal about that person and B. why they would love that book. I say it's the nuances of the story, the author's techniques to make that beloved character come alive, and our ability to discuss this with one another.

  2. It is great when you strike that perfect cord and make a connection between a ready reader and a good book.

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