Aug 28, 2009

Just Awesome

Over the past year (my first as a librarian) I have come across a lot of wonderful blogs about children's and young adult books. Some are by people who just love reading these books, some are by professional reviewers, some are by librarians. I love reading most of them and visit them at least once a week, more if I have time. One thing I have come across is the magic of arcs (advanced reader copies). Several times I will see someone reviewing or referencing a book that looks great only to find out it is not released for several months. I burn with envy when I see this. I want to get onto some arc lists and have publishers send me advanced copies of books...

But then I think I am fine not having advanced copies because I will eventually get to read it anyway, and it's not like I don't have other things to read. Plus most of the times you have to do a review of the book that you received and that puts some pressure on you...pressure I don't really want right now. But...

I really wanted an arc of Catching Fire. I so completely loved The Hunger Games and was trying not to focus on how long I had to wait until I got to read the second one, then I saw the lucky ones who got arcs of it last May and again I burned with jealousy. The wait was almost over (it is due out on Tuesday) when last night I won an arc from Borders!! Sometimes good things come to those who wait...(totally cheesy, I know, but I was so excited!).

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