Aug 12, 2009

Goal Check

My goal going into this summer was 30 books...I am not going to make it. I am on books #23 & 24 right now with two weeks left in the summer. That's okay, I read a lot and I watched both seasons on Torchwood and am almost all done with all four seasons on Doctor Who, plus I had a lot of relative and rafting time. All in all it was a fantastic summer!

Anyway, I just finished an adult book: Dark Places. Loved it, couldn't put it down. Enough so that I also checked out the first novel by that same author, Gillian Flynn, so that I could keep in that vibe. I am also reading The Chosen One, about a polygamous cult and a thirteen year old girl who wants a change. And, I am listening to Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl because that has also been made into a movie that looks, well, fantastic! And although Roald Dahl would be considered my favorite children's author I never did read this book! Check out the trailer for the movie below:

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  1. This trailer looks fun!! Thanks for sharing! :)