Apr 11, 2008

Been Reading

Read the new book by Lois Lowry. She is such a great author she lets no genre define her. This was a fun book, but not the best. My favorite of hers is All About Sam. I read it every year to my kindergarten class and they always love it. I also loved The Giver which is the start of a trilogy she did about future societies. I love stories about futuristic societies.

I also read the last book in the book in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It was called Among the Free. This was a great series that I started quite a few years ago. Again this was about a futuristic society, but in this one having three children in a family is outlawed. The first book is called Among the Hidden and it introduced us to a boy named Luke who was a third child. This was a good series and now that all seven books have been published would be fun to read in order, one after the other.

Now I am reading The Great Good Thing. It is okay. When I am not reading it, I don't care about reading it, but when I pick it up I like it and want to see what is going to happen. I have quite a few lined up so I am thinking about reading tonight until I finish or give up and then I can move on!

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