Mar 25, 2008

Not So Much

I started out spring break as very ambitious. Didn't get as far as I'd expected. I blame it all on my ipod. I started listening to New Moon because I wanted to revisit all the Twilight books before the fourth one comes out (these are good young adult books about vampires, and romance, sigh). Once I started listening I couldn't stop and ended up driving about 20 miles for dinner one night so that I could listen all the way there and back. This puts a dent in my reading though. I did finish The Luxe, which was good. Last night I finished The Nixie's Song so Carter and I can do out next reading club dinner. I am going to push for Artemis Fowl for the next book with our club. That or The Lightning Thief. I also want to do Stormbreaker before too long. These are three starts of series that I think Carter would love.

Peter Abrahams is an adult suspense author who is awesome. Over the last few years he has published a young adult series called The Echo Falls books. They are about a young girl named Ingrid who solves mysteries. They are very good reads and the third on in the series came out today!! I am going to go to Borders tonight and pick it up. Maybe. I do have quite the pile at home right now and I have that on hold at the library so maybe I will wait. Who knows. It's not like it;s the new Penderwick's book...

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